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Refinishing and Restoration

It is understandable how important your pews are to church and your congregation. For this reason, it is imperative that you should call on skilled, experienced professionals to restore your pews to their natural beauty.

Our process is not just a simple clean and sand process; it involves many steps that we have developed throughout the years and have produced excellent results. The full process involves disassembling the pews by hand and stripping off the current finish. Next, all repairs of cracks, gouges, splits, flaking, and discoloration will be addressed to restore the wood to its original state. At this point, the pews will be prepped and your chosen finish will be applied. Depending on the finish you have chosen, these steps vary. Once the pews have been finished, they will be checked for fitment and carefully examined to ensure the finest quality outcome possible.

Below you will find examples of freshly restored pews

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Removal and Installation

We will disassemble your pews on site prior to transporting them. This increases the efficiency in which the pews can be packed and transported, ensuring that your pews will arrive at our building in the best possible manner. Additionally, having the pews disassembled into pieces allows us to access the various surfaces of the wood to a greater extent and allows the restoration process to work to its full potential. Your pews will be carefully disassembled, transported with care, and carefully reassembled once they return to your church by our restoration experts. Below are some photos during various stages of the process.

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