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Kneeler Reupholstering

Whether your church has old fashioned wooden kneelers or modern metal kneelers, the upholstery will eventually show the years of wear. When this occurs, one solution is to have the kneelers reupholstered. Our experienced specialists will come to your church, carefully remove you kneelers and transport them to our facility. At this point, the kneelers will be disassembled and the existing upholstery removed. New upholstery of your color choice will be applied to your kneelers and they will then be carefully reassembled. Your freshly upholstered kneelers will then be professionally reinstalled.

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New Kneelers

Another option available to you is to have new kneelers installed to replace your existing ones. Our kneelers are exceptionally crafted and designed to last for years of use. Our kneelers are constructed of a light weight, heavy gage metal to provide you with a sturdy, reliable kneeler. These kneelers also utilize a thick plywood kneeler base and comfortable, durable polyurethane foam padding. This padding can be covered by upholstery in a variety of styles, colors and material to meet your needs. These kneelers also feature nylon bearings, rubber shock absorbers and rubber foot pads to give you lasting silent operation. Below are examples of newly installed kneelers:

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